Club Management

Walnut Creek Country Club has a 12 member Board of Directors to govern the facility.

While the directors are not directly responsible for the day-to-day operation of the club, they do get involved with setting the direction of our club with respect to new offerings, club finances and the evaluation of the club management team. In addition, several members are responsible for committee leadership to help the club serve the needs of our members.

2017-2018 Board of Directors and committee leaders

  • Jesse Parks – President / Chair, Executive Committee
  • Duane Noll – Vice President / Chair, Golf Committee
  • Al Grisette – Treasurer / Chair, Finance Committee
  • Bud Fidler - Past President
  • Ken Ritt – Chair, Membership Committee / Village Relations
  • Bonnie Hunter – Chair, Tennis Committee
  • Jeff Wharton  – Chair, House Committee
  • Thurston Greenwood - Chair, Building & Grounds
  • Jason Pate - Chair, Pool Committee
  • Deb Tillman
  • Pat Murphy
  • Joe Democko

General Manager

Joan Morton

Assistant General Manager

Lindsay Sholl

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